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What is the Washington County Free Library worth to you?

Thank you to all who are building our great good place.

"'Great good places' are the many public places where people can gather, put aside the concerns of home and work, and hang out simply for the pleasures of good company and lively conversation. They are the heart of a community's social vitality and the grassroots of democracy."
—Ray Oldenburg, Author of The Great Good Place

Many individuals have worked tireless hours to bring this project to fruition. Designers, engineers, board members, staff, volunteers, and government officials, have had important roles to play in this project. Our community thanks the individuals, companies, foundations, and governments that have provided most of the funds to make this project possible.

Most importantly, our community must thank the Library patrons. Library service usage continues to increase despite already being at record levels. Without the support for the Library by the patrons, this project would not be undertaken. But the Library needs your financial support, too, through a contribution or gift to the Building Our Great Good Place capital campaign.

Campaign Co-chairs

Jim Pierné
John Hershey III

Public Funds

State of Maryland: $11.5 million
Washington County: $7 million
City of Hagerstown: $1.5 million
WCFL Endowment: $1 million

Private Donors

The Capital Campaign has been undertaken to raise $3.0 million to complete funding of this project. Private foundations, businesses, and individuals have helped us get close to our goal. Rooms have been sponsored primarily at the $5,000 and $10,000 levels. Donors at these levels or higher are granted certain naming rights and participation in select events as the opening of the new building approaches.

However, this is a community wide effort. Hundreds of individuals have contributed lesser amounts to this project. All donations regardless of amount are welcome and appreciated by the library staff, patrons and Board of Trustees. It is most gratifying to see this widespread support for the project.

We would like to thank our supporters thus far. Without the support of individuals, foundations, and businesses the Building Our Great Good Place capital campaign would not be as successful as it has been since our kick-off in August 2011. Currently the community has pledged in excess of $2.2 million towards the $3.0 million goal. Please help us raise the remaining $800,000 by donating to the capital campaign. No amount is too small.